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Fear & Gruesome Horror in Unknown Waters 

When the science and mythology of death collides, the resulting journey of horrors brings into question everything accepted as truth, and forces a group of graduate students to navigate their way to safety or be lost forever. 

Within the Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest, what begins as technical field research outing in the waters beyond the San Juan Islands unexpectedly turns into a fight for survival during which a talented crew of collegiate friends are allegedly rescued by a ferry. But things escalate from bad to worse when the group realizes there is something grossly wrong, and that their battle to escape an impending doom has only just begun. Filled with tension, thrills, scares and gore, PASSAGE also brings an element of intelligence and depth to the situation and characters often otherwise lost in the horror genre.

PASSAGE is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1739586
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Ward 13
Abductions, Cruelty and Alien Experimentation

A luxury vacation for thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiasts Dan and Katie quickly turns nightmarish when they are abducted and forced to participate in a series of horrific and bloody physical and mental modifications using Alien technology. Their only hope of escape from capture depends upon a twisted wreck of a man who claims to be an Alien himself.

In a story reminiscent of Cabin in the Woods meets American Mary, adventure vacationers Dan and Kate paraglide into a remote luxury cabin, only to be abducted during the night and dragged to a hidden research facility where they are subjected to repeated mutilating surgeries using alien technology. To have any chance of escape they must meet the cruelty with violence before they are corrupted into unwilling alien hosts. 

WARD 13 is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1742595
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Forests of Mystery
Adventure & Suspense Through a Handheld Video Camera

Follow the adventures of undergraduate forest research students Dewey Lansing and Jeff Collins as they try to piece together the strange and unusual anomalies that have been happening deep inside the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Armed with just a video camera and their determination, these two friends venture into the great unknown, prepared to discover the truth behind what is really going on out there. They begin to unravel a mystery that starts at their university and continues through a used book store, the property of a crazy man, and an old loggers museum before finally dumping them into the thick of danger. Will they make it out alive and unscathed? 

FORESTS OF MYSTERY is a completed feature length film which screened at a number of festivals including Gen Con 2011.  

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