Long Haul
A Contemporary Character Drama of Justified Vigilante Horrors.

The open road can be a lonely and dangerous place, but for the small group of diverse characters that make up Road Hog Trucking, it's home. Brought together by a charismatic leader, these independent and unique personalities love each other, hate each other, look out for each other, work together, and kill together. But while their crimes are horrible, the actions are justified as the targets are only ever those that deserve what's coming to them. Big rig trucking isn't easy, but clashing with your friends, family and co-workers when they are all one in the same and when vigilante justice is being served isn't any easier. 

The open roads and consistently moving world of LONG HAUL is vast, epic and dangerous. But for the characters that make up Road Hog Trucking, bound together through connections both personal and professional, there is no easy reprieve from one another. Tensions abound as they strive to survive the treacherous conditions of their environment, the volatile relationships amongst each other, and the incredibly risky elements of their vigilante justice. 

This project is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1813175  
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Imperial Eight
A High Stakes Action-Adventure 8-part Miniseries of Treasure Hunting,
Exotic Locations, and Cold War Political Intrigue. Based on actual events.

It is the winter of 1990 and with the Cold War nearly over, the head of the KGB and seven supporters (known later as the Gang of Eight) plot in secret, with covert support from hardliners in the old guard plutocracy, to overthrow Gorbachev’s regime of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an August “Putsch” (coup), in order to usher in a new era of worldwide Soviet dominance. If the subsequent destabilization results in a leader’s death and eventually to World War III, then so much the better. To finance their scheme they resort to an old Soviet method -- selling priceless artistic treasures; in this case the “missing” eight Imperial Fabergé eggs which they have discovered were never missing at all.

The only thing standing in their way is an uncomfortable alliance between an ex- KGB operative, a young Russian soldier, a Ukrainian computer genius, and an undercover Western spy. Together they commit their talents and their lives to prevent the world from being sucked into a conflict where there can be no winner.

This project is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1725268  
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Mission to Zelda
A Science Fiction Series of Adventure & Drama

Centuries in the future, aboard the interstellar garbage scow Chiron, a crew of galactic misfits and their bio-augmented A.I. navigational commander ply the cargo routes between the Outer Colonies collecting garbage destined for Zelda, the landfill planet. Each tour of duty lasts 7 years, and if the ship doesn’t kill them by accident, some of the cargo might do it on purpose.

The series is structured as an episodic drama and we have developed a 7-year story arc where each season follows the crew during the corresponding year of their 7 year tour of duty. Each episode contains a small, complete story, as well as contributes towards the seasonal story arc and the overall 7-season story arc.

This project is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1766924
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Arcanian's Web
A Steampunk inspired Mini-Series of Murder and Mystery

In a futuristic world driven by steam power and clean renewable electric energy, six brilliant minds from all corners of the globe have been unexpectedly summoned to the impressive Lorem Estate in Oregon to assist with a curious murder investigation. 

They soon learn that all is not what it seems, and what started out as a homicide quickly escalates into a mystery that could hold the key to humanity's future survival. The solution lies deep underground, hidden behind a maze of tricks, thrills, horror, dead ends, and moments of fantastical amazement. The Arcanian Web is beginning to unravel, and time is running out. 

The show is formatted as a self contented, complete story arc within the 3 episode presentation but will include a number of character driven side story arcs within each episode. 

This project is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1787163 
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Rising Sea
A Contemporary Mini-Series of Action, Adventure & Drama

The year is 2028, and the cataclysmic effects of global warming have started to come to pass. Polar caps and high mountain glaciers are melting, and many parts of New York City and London are already under three feet of water. A large portion of the North American great plains have become a wasteland, with volatile lighting storms that often set the parched vegetation ablaze. Josh Derby, Founder and CEO of Fusion Dynamics, is spearheading a massive international effort to scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and separate it into solid carbon and liquid water. Meanwhile Brian Kent, fellow MIT grad and billionaire industrialist, has developed a method to sequester the CO2 and burying the resulting nodules deep in impermeable salt dome caverns. 

With both ideas offering viable long term solutions but less than desirable side effects, the POTUS has authorized an international team of third party experts to assess both plans. All the while a continuing depletion of the Ozone Layer threatens an impending extinction level event, and the American government and its allies can only offer so much assistance. 

This project is currently in development. Reg WGAw #1764829
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Shakespeare Unplugged
A collection of videos studying the scripted soliloquies of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Unplugged offers a complete source for educational videos studying the scripted soliloquy of popular playwright William Shakespeare. Made by actors, for actors, the Shakespeare Unplugged series offers a unique and direct look into not only the speeches themselves, but also the meaning behind the words. Such a tool could be utilized for actors learning a new Shakespeare role, students studying the playwright, or any Shakespeare enthusiast interested in the language of the period.

Each soliloquy offers two videos - an informational in-depth interview and a combined performance of the soliloquy itself - performed by five trained and experienced film and theater actors. The website features William Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies and histories

SHAKESPEARE UNPLUGGED is a series of education videos available online and VOD.

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