On Location
A hosted docu-series exploring outdoor adventures and their infrastructure. 

Join experienced outdoorsman Sterling Fiock and his faithful Scottish Terrier sidekick Dogmatix as they travel across epic landscapes and through rugged terrain of the American back country. 

Using a hands-on approach and with help from existing organizations and businesses, Sterling aims to entertain, inspire and educate the audience on the spirit, passion and excitement of outdoor adventures and their associated infrastructure. Segments include everything from hiking, mountain biking, surfing and fishing to mining, caving, kiting, off-road shenanigans and Search & Rescue operations. 

Season 1 was acquired by the Discovery-owned Destination America channel and is available via television broadcast to over 60 million households as well as through several streaming platforms including Destination America GO, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Video and Apple TV

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Flip It Forward
Featuring the house flipping adventures of a Pacific Northwest family

There's no place in the world quite like the Pacific Northwest, and in Portland, Oregon area the houses are just as much part of the culture as the coffee shops and hiking trails. Buying, renovating and selling these homes for the discerning buyer is no easy feat, but for one family, it is all they do. 

Elisha and Steve are experts at finding, buying and restoring homes that cater to each distinctive Portland neighborhood, turning them into updated, stylish living spaces that speak to the local vibe while still preserving whatever original features they can find. 

In a true family atmosphere, the couple is joined by their contractor brother and his girlfriend for many of the flips. This family eats, breathes and sleeps home renovation, restoration and flipping. It's more than just a job, it's a real labor of love. 

Additional video and papers are available. Reg WGAw #1921137
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Featuring Some of the Best in Aircraft Recovery, Restoration and Transport

The world of large aircraft recovery, restoration and transport can be a dangerous one. Long hours, strenuous physical labor, remote locations and poor weather conditions are just the start. Not to mention the plethora of things that can go wrong when an aircraft is being recovered underwater, flying untested after weeks of restoration, or being hauled across state lines on a rig so wide it takes over the entire highway. 

But for "Boomer", it's all just part of the job, and he is among the best of the best at it. He and his team work for the military, the FAA and NTSB, museums, various Ports and other Government agencies, and private parties. He is always on call and consistently in the field. Join him and check out the world that is large aircraft recovery, restoration and transport. 

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Restoration Kings: Latino Garage
Follow a Group of the Best Latino Automotive Businesses in Portland, Oregon

Follow a group of Latino owned and operated automotive businesses from Portland, Oregon, all friends but friendly competition, as they restore and customized American muscle cars and classics.

Custom restoration and builds are spearheaded by Erik from Ace Car Reconditioning, with additional assistance on rims and engines from Joe at Save On Tires, custom car wraps from Sergo at PDX Graphics and mufflers from Roberto at El Mufflers (also Sergo's dad). The work is professional and high quality, but as a close group of friends who consider each other family, it can often come with a fair share of drama. 

This crew has had their work featured in various car shows, and maintains clients from all the way over in France. They specialize in the American Muscle Car and the American Classic Car, and are well known within the Portland automotive community. 

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Graveyard of the Pacific
Commercial Fisherman of the Pacific Northwest face Treacherous Weather & Navigational Nightmares

Along the entire coastline of Oregon, commercial fishing is more than a business - it's a way of life. Throughout the year dedicated skippers operate boats ranging from 40' - 60' in what is well known as the treacherous 'Graveyard of the Pacific' as they fish for crab, shrimp, and long-line for salmon and tuna.

In the Northern-most port of Astoria, a father and son duo operates a good-sized fished boat in the middle port of Newport, while a devoted family man makes the most of his smaller boat in Newport, and at one of the Southern-most ports in Port Orford, an unattached heart-throb and his canine co-captain deal with a myriad of challenges while operating his fishing vessel - not the least of which is being lowered and raised into the Pacific Ocean via one of the only dry docks on the West Coast.

This spec video was developed and produced together by Road's End Films and Discovery Studios. A co-pro team went on-location along the Oregon coastline over several days in 2016, where Road's End Films provided the footage which was edited and post-produced by Discovery Studios. 


Auction Avenue
Rehab, Refurb, Reuse & Recycle – Industrial Style.

A commercial-Industrial auction is all about heavy machinery: factory equipment, dozers, dump trucks, backhoes and forklifts, scrap metal, spare parts, and lots of greasy, rusty pieces and parts. Professional buyers, often colorful characters with extreme personalities, drop sustainable amounts of cash with the hopes of making it big, but sometimes losing it all. It’s where the American Dream gets a second chance. 

A group of experienced and competitive buyers for commercial and industrial auctions regularly attend some of the biggest auction yards in the Pacific Northwest to individually acquire merchandise, buy heavy machinery, and find unusual treasures. Some of the materials are sent to scrap yards or recycling facilities; some of the items are refurbished and then sold at retail; some items are even parted out and sold individually or as decorative accent pieces. The series follows a self-contained format featuring a core group of "professional" buyers each episode.

Additional video and papers are available. Reg WGAw #1763060  
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Backstage Beauties
Comedy, Drama and Drag Queens. It's Burlesque!

Outrageous characters with big personalities clash off-stage and in the dressing room while giving it their all each night at Darcelle XV, one of the hippest and longest running gay burlesque clubs in Portland, Oregon. It's comedy; it's drama; it's drag queens. Portland has a rich drag and performance art culture that encompasses everything from traditional female impersonation to new-school drag to queer burlesque. Since 1967, the female impersonators of Darcelle XV and company have been performing a Las Vegas-style cabaret full of sequins and sophistication. She may be in her 80s, but Darcelle XV still knows how to put on a show, and the locals consider it a Portland institution not to be missed.

This unscripted episodic reality show follows a self-contained format with each episode featuring the ladies of Darcelle's, primarily while backstage but also on stage and, on occasion, during non-performance hours.

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Eco Doctors
Join the Adventures of a Family Owned Environmental Restoration Company

Follow a rural Washington family and their environmental restoration company as they tackle challenging and high stakes projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. With an award-winning background in Ecology, they restore rivers and wetlands back to pristine condition while living their motto “when we leave you will never know we were here”. 

Every work season comes with an exciting crop of new and varied challenges, including developing and implementing a non-impact solution to control sediment flows along rivers, or finding a way to remove an unused section of forest road in danger of collapsing at any time. Crews are spread across multiple locations and use a variety of large and dangerous equipment. Projects require careful planning, logistics, and execution to deliver an environmentally friendly and sustainable outcome. It’s hard work requiring plenty of creativity and innovation.

Additional video and papers are available. Reg WGAw #1767389 
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Trail Keepers
In the Back Country, Any Wrong Move at the Wrong Time Can Be Deadly

Over 36,000 miles of remote trails wind through America's back country. When these trails fall into disrepair, dedicated volunteers with seasonal contractors around the country set out to make it right. Often armed with only whatever then can backpack or mule in, the individuals travel several days away from civilization to clear fallen trees, shift 12 ton boulders, repair a rope bridge, or fix any of the hundreds of other problems that pop up out on the wilderness. The back country can be dangerous place, and any wrong move at the wrong time can be deadly.

The show follows a self-contained format with each episode featuring various groups of experienced trail restorers, ranging from backpacking teams to back country squads to wilderness packers.

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Blacktop Blues a.k.a. Redneck Run
Friends. Family. Four Wheelin'. How the working class spends its weekends.

A group of friends and fellow blue collar workers, in an effort to unwind during their weekends, get together with their families and enjoy off-road racing against the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With skilled day jobs ranging from mechanic, to fabricator, to National Guardsmen, these men and woman are smart, all share a love for motor sports, and have a knack for modifying their rigs to take on extreme off-road conditions. They are 'Blue Collar Renegades', ready to attack the weekend. Safely, of course - their families are watching. 

Every weekend offers a new location for this bunch, and includes friends’ properties, public tracks, approved logging roads, or seasonally dry stream beds. It's a kid-friendly, dog-friendly, family-friendly good time, with BBQ, gossip among the women, banter among the men, and lots of 4x4s and dirt. Four 'teams' of between 2-3 people, all of whom are connected through friendship or work, utilize their weekends to get away from their blue collar lives and have some fun with each other and their families. Along with the weekend event, each episode will feature snippets of the cast members week day life, including their day job as well as their 'off the clock' preparations and maintenance of their rigs.

Additional video and papers are available. Reg WGAw #1766985 
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The Welcomers
Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the Oregon Patrol for Extra Terrestrials

In their search for Alien encounters, how close is too close? Aliens exist and have visited Earth, and this team is determined to prove it. Operating primarily in the vast open spaces of Eastern Oregon, a small subculture of 'Welcomers' has dedicated themselves to the search for Extraterrestrial activity here on this planet. They compile background data on “hot spots” of Alien-related sightings or phenomena, and then go out with their equipment to see if they can either replicate the reports or explain them scientifically. Their ultimate goal: to find convincing evidence that Alien visitors are truly among us. 

Each episode features the continuing adventures of the Oregon Patrol for Extra Terrestrials (OPET) as they endeavor to detect aliens and establish contact.

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Rugged West
The Pioneer Spirit is Alive and Well in the Pacific Northwest

Within the forested back country and rugged wilds of the Pacific Northwest, charismatic folks are tapping in the Pioneer spirit by making their own way - either completely off the grid or with minimal connections to society as we know it. They gentle wild mustangs, harvest wild mushrooms, hunt for scrap metal, forage for the perfect wood to carve into furniture – whatever it takes to survive and thrive under rugged conditions. It’s a challenging but rewarding way of life, despite the constant risks of uncertainty in food sources, materials, wild animals, and constantly changing and unforgiving weather.

With multiple groups/individuals available there is always something interesting happening, no matter season of the year it is. Each episode has the flexibility to follow the storylines of a couple of different individual endeavors, or stick with one particular (and more involved) storyline from start to finish. The majority of any expository dialog is delivered by the participants as they go about their business. An off-camera narrator provides short introductions to each episode and also helps maintain story continuity as needed when the action switches from location to location.

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Cocktail Confidential
Relationship Counseling for the 21st Century

Relationships can be tough, especially nowadays and especially for millennials. Join our charismatic male & female host duo (suggestions available in the corresponding video), experts in getting people to open up about their relationship issues, as they meet up with struggling couples, BFFs, cousins, or other dynamic relationships at local Portland, Oregon bars and bistros to address their issues head on and engage in fascinating discussions about life, love, the future, etc. It’s like a modern day DEAR ABBY for millennials. 

And it’s not all talk – our hosts increase the impact and interest by pulling in examples, tricks, and sometimes even opinions from social media and peer passerby. The struggling subjects are then sent on a 'mission' to address the problem, and afterwards attend a follow-up where our host duo discusses the effectiveness of the process and result. 

Additional video and papers are available. Reg WGAw #1764829 
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Trail Builders
America’s wilderness trail system is the envy of the world, and these are the men who build it

When the creation of a new wilderness trail is approved through America's national park system, a select group of dedicated outdoors-men step up to the challenge of seeing it through. Often armed with only whatever they can backpack or mule in, these folks travel into the heart of the back country and several days away from civilization to blaze new trails amidst risky terrain and dangerous wildlife. 

Join a group of nine men and one dog, a mixture of veterans and greenhorns, as they extend the Pacific NW Trail of Washington 6.5 miles over the dangerous Oyster Dome and beyond the restricted Bat Caves to meet the Pacific Ocean. With only the occasional assistance of the Pacific Back country Horsemen and the Wilderness Helicopter team, this crew will work and camp for nearly three solid months in a hostile environment where any wrong move at the wrong time can be deadly.

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